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After several days of upward trading, much of the crypto market has plummeted in value over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin lost 4 thousand dollars and ETH fell below 4 thousand dollars.
After hitting a new 3-week high of $59 600, Bitcoin fell by about $4 000 in a matter of hours. Most of the alternative coins followed suit. Red is the dominant color today as nearly $200 billion has disappeared from the total market capitalisation.

While BTC hasn’t been able to break the $60 000 mark, it has actually shown a lot of promise in the past few days…

The CEO of one of the eBay e-commerce companies, Jamie Iannone, admitted the possibility of connecting cryptocurrency payments on the platform.

Speaking to CNBC today, Iannone revealed that they are discussing adding various payment channels for their customers, including cryptocurrencies.
He also announced that the company is interested in non-fungible token (NFT) participation and is exploring ways to organize NFT sales.

Earlier, the purchase, sale and storage of bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies was implemented by the payment company PayPal. …

The cost of the first cryptocurrency first exceeded $56.4 thousand, after which it rolled back to $53.4 thousand in a few hours. This may be due to the fact that rumours about the purchase of bitcoins by the social network were not confirmed.

On the evening of April 28, the bitcoin rate per hour rose by 4.3%, to a local peak of $56.4 thousand, after which it began to fall sharply. On the morning of April 29, the cost of bitcoin dropped to $53.4 thousand. As of 09:30 Moscow time, the first cryptocurrency is trading at $54.2 thousand.

A sharp…

The cryptocurrency market has gone through a difficult week. After falling from all-time highs on the previous Sunday, the bitcoin price resumed its decline on Thursday until it reached a local low below $48 000. In just two days, the volume of liquidations exceeded $14 billion.

With the beginning of the new week, the market started to recover. Having set a lower low at $47 000 shortly after midnight, bitcoin gained more than 12% in a few hours and is trading around $52 800 at time of publication. Growth from minimum to maximum amounted to almost $6 000. …

Against the backdrop of a rapid drop in hashrates due to power outages in China, the average commission on the Bitcoin network has exceeded $60. The last time the same high rate was observed at the end of 2017 — at the peak of the last bull market cycle.

Along with the growth of commissions, the hashrate of bitcoin is decreasing — from the maximum at marks above 170 EH/s, the indicator smoothed by the 7-day moving average fell to the level of 143 EH/s (-18%).

The drop in the unaveraged hashrate within two days was 46% (from 197 EH/s…

On April 15, a Berlin hardfork took place on the Ethereum mainnet at block #12 244 000. In anticipation of the event, the price of the asset renewed its all-time high above $2 460, and open interest in futures reached a record $8.1 billion.

Berlin has implemented four proposals for improving Ethereum, including a change in the gas price calculation algorithm (EIP-2565 and EIP-2929), as well as new types of transactions (EIP-2930 and EIP-2718).

For the first time in the last month, Bitcoin has risen in the rate above $60 000. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of the leading digital coin is $1 125 016 634 563, and the rate fluctuates around $60 231. Elon Musk did not miss this event and posted a post on his Twitter profile :
… going to moon very soon
— Elon Musk (
@elonmusk) April 10, 2021

The maximum Bitcoin rate rose to $61 222. Other cryptocurrencies are also taking a more confident position and aiming for their historical record.
The exact reason for the…

Bitcoin is not considered a security under US law, but that does not mean that it should not be regulated, said former chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jay Clayton.

“The digital asset space will ultimately be driven in part by regulation both domestically and internationally. I expect that regulation will come to this area, both direct and indirect, “he said, stressing that he expresses his opinion” as a citizen. “

Under Clayton, the SEC launched a fight against unregistered and fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). The commission also refused to approve applications for the creation of a Bitcoin ETF.

Clayton noted that Bitcoin had been removed from securities law long before he took over as chairman.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is considering the possibility of limiting the use of stablecoins as settlements in Russia by analogy with cryptocurrencies, said Ivan Zimin, director of the financial technology department of the Bank of Russia.

“We have already taken the first step in terms of unsecured cryptocurrencies by banning them, and we will most likely take the second step, limiting the use, including stablecoins, for settlements,” he said.

According to Zimin, only the ruble and its digital counterpart can be considered an official means of payment:

“Everything else — stablecoins, unsecured private cryptocurrencies, some other monetary…

Anthony Scaramucci, a financier and former White House communications director, claims that Tesla’s $1.5 billion in bitcoin is not the entire cryptocurrency of Elon Musk and related companies.

“Elon Musk did not stop at Tesla. I understand that SpaceX keeps bitcoin on its balance sheets. Elon Musk owns more than $5 billion in bitcoin through Tesla, SpaceX and in person, ”the CEO of Skybridge Capital wrote on Twitter.

Tesla disclosed cryptocurrency investments in February in reporting to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SpaceX, by contrast, is not a public company, so it is not obligated to publish such…

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